The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes

William James


Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is one of the most effective methods to obtain spectacular and extremely positive results to solve one or more problems, in a sustainable way, whatever their nature.

Hypnosis releases you from fears, anxieties, blockages, phobias, negative emotions or psychosomatic illnesses and restores your power. Thanks to hypnosis you can develop your confidence, improve your quality of life, achieve your goals, and thus make use of your full potential.



To all children, from an early age, experiencing any kind of difficulty. 

To you, the mother-to-be, mother, father or couple wishing to change, modify, transform or release an element of your life that prevents the advancement of a wish, the fulfilment of a desire or the completion of a project.

At a glance (non-exhaustive list):

  • Are you having difficulty conceiving?

  • Have you had one or more miscarriages?

  • Have you experienced one or more traumatic childbirths?

  • Are you concerned about the progress of your pregnancy or the birth?

  • Are you experiencing a baby blues or postnatal depression?

  • Have you experienced the loss of a child?

  • Are you having trouble breastfeeding your baby?

  • Are you subject to anxiety, fear or a blockage that prevents you from moving forward in your life with serenity?

  • Do you want to relieve yourself from negative emotions?

  • Are you stressed and want to experience a moment of deep relaxation?

  • Does your child have problems with social, relational or personal development?

  • Or any other need....


After an initial telephone or video call, a preliminary interview will take place at the beginning of the session followed by the hypnosis session.

For children, the presence of a parent is recommended. 


A hypnosis session lasts 1 hour 30 minutes and takes place in my practice. For children, the session lasts a maximum of 1 hour.

Sessions take place on Wednesday, Friday and on Saturday morning.

I can travel to your home on request within a 30 km radius at an extra cost.


Adult: CHF 210.- 

Children: CHF 70.-/half-hour


Full payment is to be made the day of the session by TWINT, bank transfer or cash.

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